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My Story

Joy. Inspires. Evolution.

I started my healing journey back in 2014 and immediately felt called to action. 


I was re-introduced to the concept of energy, the force that links everything and everyone. Studying, researching and seeking became a daily activity moving me from passion to work very quickly.

​I come from a banking and events background, both of which allowed me to develop a business and managerial side to my work and life.  

The study of energetic healing techniques helped me accept and move through my autoimmune condition. It also reconnected my body and mind on a deeper level and created a healthier connection to myself  and to others.


Mind. Body. Energy.

Thanks to this profound experience, I decided I wanted to share my journey, I wanted to heal, I wanted to help people through their experiences. I started studying the world  of energy and all it has to offer. I embraced my healing journey and became passionate about sharing the power of healing with the world and aligning to my purpose.


What's Next? 

I soon started asking myself: What is missing?How do I question myself? How do I talk to myself? Am I sharing my experiences? Would it help to talk some of this stuff out with someone? How can I shift my thoughts? How can I get to a higher awareness?


It became clear that the missing link was the Mind!


The idea of Coaching presented itself, completely  out of the blue! I always had this preconception that coaching was all about motivational speaking and something "airy fairy". I realised my judgmental thinking around coaching and completely changed all these preconceptions and dived deep into it, exploring the power of the mind and the power of choosing your thinking!

Sharing this awareness and moving people towards their perfect and ideal self is my greatest purpose and I'm here to guide YOU through this journey!

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with love,



Hello Future YOU​


I am here to inspire your growth, to guide you towards expanding your awareness and to re-connect you to your inner resources. 

You see, at birth we are connected, completely, deeply, we are full and whole. 


Then things in life, people, stories, fears and judgment, disconnect us.


We build a gap in between our whole self and the self we create.

We somehow "forget" who we really are... and even more so... 

who actually told us whom or what to be? 

We have everything we need within us.

The hardest is knowing where to look for what we need, how to find it, how to reconnect, how to recognise the role we are playing and how to move away from it.

I am here to guide you becoming the YOU who is Genuine, the YOU who is Vulnerable, the YOU who has flaws and Accepts them, the YOU who recognises that your Thoughts shape your life, and the YOU that understand that Compassion is the force that moves us.

My Purpose

Clear Your Mind.
Balance Your Body.
Align Your Spirit.

Albert Einstein

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