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Learn to move and nourish your body intuitively

Trust and feel good about the choices you make for your body

Find physical balance and inner peace so you can ditch the on-again-off-again dieting cycle



Liberate yourself from a life of calorie counting, make peace with your body and finally feel like your best self.

This life-changing online program has been created by the Award Nominated Body Confidence Coach Hayley Latcham. Happy Balanced Life is an ambassador of the program.

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You'd be free ...

Free from the vicious cycle of bingeing and dieting.

And free from the vicious little inner critic that tries to convince you that you are not good enough.


You are a fucking bad arse woman who is worthy and deserving of her own love and appreciation.

You’ve spent so many years trying to be someone who you thought other people would approve of - it's time to start being true to yourself, FOR YOU.

This program has been the key to unlocking the deep-rooted cause of my warped relationship with food and my body. I am 5 years into recovery from Bulimia and I had been searching far and wide for info and resources to assist me in finally uncovering the truth. Hayley has given me a priceless gift and allowed me to reconnect with my core self which goes far beyond diet, health, or self-image. 

Hayley is the kindest, most compassionate and understanding woman and coach who’s passion bravery and courage has allowed me to finally see the same qualities within myself. With her guidance, teachings, and support I have been able to start living a full life where I am free to be me and know that I am enough just as I am.



Who This Is For

You spend every waking minute worrying about what you're putting in your mouth and feeling guilty for it

You always seem to be trying different ways to get lean and tone up but end up frustrated and upset that your body looks nothing like the "ideal" of fit and healthy

You crucify yourself in the gym to work off cheat meals and extra calories and beat yourself up if you ever miss a workout

You know your life can't continue like this and you want to be able to relax and enjoy food and focus on the more important things you want to do

You'll learn how to :


I can start by saying how proud I am of listening to my frightened inner voice so many months ago—I'm so thankful that i listened. I felt broken and unsure, and so out of touch with self, and i knew i was in pain.

To say that I have my confidence back and strength, and joy and spring in my step would be such an understatement. I have ME. I found her again! I know I can open my heart and be me. Not how someone wants me to be, or expected me to be. I don't have to apologise for being ME. I don't feel guilty for being ME. I feel grateful for being ME. I KNOW and I FEEL that i'm ENOUGH! 


I'll keep on working on myself with Hayley in the community and with the support of the members of the group who's always been there for each other. Another gift! No judgement—support, help, compassion and kindness is what we get in the group.

I can't thank you enough, Hayley! For your passion, for your honesty, for your strength, for the safety you provide for us, for your vulnerability and for the space you hold;  for the words you find and for the feelings you feel with us and teaching us how to feel them.



Meet Hayley


Hayley Latcham is the founder of The Body Confidence Coach and is the creator of the Build Your Body Confidence Program as well as the Creator and Director of the Body Confidence Ambassador program. Hayley is a Professional Accredited coach through The Coaching Institute and specialises in body image and disordered eating. She runs her own private coaching practice with individuals and groups and offers an array of online courses, as well as mentoring all of the Official Body Confidence Ambassadors. She is currently undertaking the Training Clinicians in Eating Disorders course through the InsideOut Institute, and proudly supports the Butterfly Foundation through her fundraising efforts.

Meet Francesca


Hey I’m Francesca and there are so many things I could say about me, about my past and about what made me choose the life I chose and why I made the decisions I made (yes, even the crappy ones!).

What I’ll do though, is to give you snippets of whatever I believe made me become who I am today.


Not believing in my potential, believing that I am not good enough, judgment, being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, daily battles between my ego and my soul, denying love…


Until one day, I was woken up to what I can recall as being a kick in the… you know where!


And I started studying, reading, going energy healing classes and self-development workshops and courses. That’s when I started to understand that I will be a lifelong learner and that my purpose was to expand the consciousness of whoever will wish to start a journey with me.


I now work with the wholeness of self, digging into patterns, lifestyle choices, goals, intention, mindfulness, empowerment, self love and so much more. I worked holistically on myself and came out of my crappy health, autoimmune condition and total burnout. I'd love to help you do the same!