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Addressing Cognitive & Emotional Well-Being; Discovering Limiting Beliefs that may prevent you from living your Best Life; Thoughts Management; Nurturing Your Emotional Intelligence; Healing Emotional Wounds; Cultivate Self-worth, Self-Love, Self-Care, and Self-Belonging; Inner Child Healing.

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Embodiment Practices to Re-Connect to your Sacred Body; Reactivating Your Parasympathetic Nervous System and Lowering Your Stress Levels and Sympathetic Nervous System; Reducing Stiffness; Embracing Stillness; Building a Solid, Lovable, and Sacred Temple Within; Nourishing your Body with the right Nutrients and right Movement for You.

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Nourishing Your Soul with Mindful & Soul Awakening Tools; Setting Thriving Intentions to become more and more Authentic Within and Without; Be in Alignment and Filled with Purpose; Practicing Gratitude & Mindfulness; Learn how to turn your Wounds into Wisdom; Fill Your Cup so you can Give & Receive; Honoring Your Primary Foods.

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“It doesn't matter where you start.

Only that you begin.”

Robin Sharma

My Areas of Expertise

  • Guiding women to raise self awareness & self acceptance

  • Cultivate self worth and self compassion

  • Extended DISC Profiling, to allow to know yourself at a deeper level

  • Building Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

  • Guiding you to know your yourself better, becoming acquainted with your needs and most importantly how to communicate them better

  • Self Healing & Self Expression 

  • Acknowledging Self, Beliefs, Roles, Thoughts and Emotions

  • Shifting Current State towards an evolved You

  • Somatic Practices to soothe your Nervous System

  • Healing Your Inner Child

  • Integrative Nutrition Principles, including Primary and Secondary Foods

  • Embodiment and Rebuilding Safety within Your Body

  • Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (Hypnosis)

  • Crystal & Aroma Therapy

  • The immense Power of CBD and Nitric Oxide for your Health

  • Connecting to Your Intuition, Power & Inner Wisdom

  • Gut Health

  • Discover & Live Your Passion

  • Supportive, Holding Space & Great Listener

  • Living a Happy Balanced Life!

What does Holistic Health Coach mean?

In my sessions, I always work Holistically, which means that I integrate different techniques that work on your Body, Mind & Soul. 


We are not only the Body, only the Mind or only our Soul... We are complex being and if we want to thrive in life and regain health, we have to treat the Self as a Whole Being. This is why I believe the Holistic way is the only way we can truly heal.


As a Holistic Health Coach, I use an integrative approach to both diet and lifestyle changes to improve my clients’ health.


Thanks to the versatility of my Education, as well as my Personal Experience dealing with Dis-Ease for almost 20 years, I combine various techniques to find what works for my clients... So we actually Work Together! 


During my sessions I Coach & Educate, Empower, and Help you create a healthier life style from the inside out and most importantly we will work closely to find what really gets you the results you want.

A Holistic Approach Focuses on the Whole Being



Focusing on Modern Holistic Psychology Techniques will allow us to work on the Mind-Body-Soul Connection. Some of the tools I use are: Mindfulness, Meditation, Tapping and Conscious Awareness Practices. Everything will take care of your Bio-individuality, honoring all Parts of You and focusing on finding exactly what works for you to see the results you want to see.


Always taking care of your bio-individuality, together we will take a deeper look into Lifestyle & Nutrition, see how food affects you and how it can make you feel. We will work on a sustainable plan that will become the perfect integration to keep your body healthy, thriving and connected. 



Connecting to the deeper parts of yourself, to your Spiritual Self, will allow you to find a more intentional purpose, fill your cup before you fill other people's cup. Together we will explore different technique you can integrate into your daily life and allowing you to connect with your higher self in minutes. You do have everything you need within you, and that's exactly when the Deep Healing begins.

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What is Extended DISC?

When you sign up for my 6-months Program, you will get as a Bonus, a complimentary Extended DISC® assessment, which is honestly one of the most powerful tools I have discovered in my years of self development education.

Extended DISC® is not a personality test tool, like you can find many online. It is based on the work of Carl Gustav Jung who created a groundbreaking model for human behavior in his 1921 book, "Psychological Types". Dr. Jung recognized that people can be divided into four main Styles. In 1928, William Moulton Marston published a book, Emotions of Normal People. He built upon Jung’s work and named the four main behavioral styles, D, I, S and C.

I call these styles "Energies" and their main purpose is to allow yourself to create awareness around why you do what you do. Depending on your main Energy Types you may focus on different things, you may have different intrinsic needs and have a different communication style.

Getting to know YOU is the most powerful way to kick-start your healing journey and it will allow you to express yourself in a more functional and empowered way.


An Extended DISC® personal analysis report provides specific and unique tips for individuals to support their development and enhance communication and leadership in the workplace and in life. 

Extended DISC® provides easy to use information and dives deep into human behaviour. Extended DISC® supports you to improve relationships, communication and key aspects of a more empowered life.

The positive impact of knowing where your inner energies lie is key to building a new, more empowered way of living and will not only help you in all areas of life, but it will also help you in understanding other people better!

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Why work with me

After having experienced Dis-Ease for almost 20 years, I developed an approach that really looks at your being on a 360° perspective. I wanted to become the therapist/healer I would have liked to have in my team when I was at my lowest... and not only!

I started my new-education journey in 2014 and since then I have filled my brain with so much different knowledge, programs and certifications. Initially I did it for my own healing, it then became a true life mission.


I am passionate about helping women (and yes, some men too!), re-connecting to their self and reclaiming their innate power. 

We are the most powerful self healing machines, because. at the end of the day, nobody knows us as much as we know ourselves. When you have the right tools and you have someone who cares about you and supports you on your journey, there will be nothing there to stop you! 

I consider myself a Guide to rediscover what your body, mind and soul may have forgotten along the way. I help you uncover all the veils that are keeping you stuck, both in your life and in your healing journey.

I live in integrity, so I practice what I preach so I only teach the tools that helped me on my own journey both as a patient and as a practitioner. I can save you years of studying and searching on our best friend "Google" and avoid you find a ton of misinformation along the way!


My Beliefs:


  • I believe in You

  • I believe that every single person has the right to be seen, heard, loved and regain health.

  • I believe that everyone has a story worth sharing and that this story can either become a secret super power or a pathway to helplessness

  • I believe the healing journey looks nothing like a straight line, but more like a crazy drawing. Everyone has their own unique experiences coming into it and therefore the “one size fits all” programs can fail most of the times. 

  • I believe that when you increase your awareness,  you increase your ability to live your life at the fullest and with the purest intentions

  • I believe in respect: respecting my clients for all they are going through and demanding respect from them - only in such a way, can we build trust and move forward together

  • I believe the self healing journey can be hard and filled with ups and downs, but as long as you bring fun into the process you will be able to be astonished by the wonderful healing that will take place

  • I believe in Self Responsibility: to truly heal and to truly become the most amazing version of yourself you must take 100% full responsibility for your thoughts and actions. 

  • I believe that the more you connect to yourself, the more your intuition will grow and the more the beautiful flower within you will blossom

  • I believe in self compassion because it serves a huge purpose

  • I believe Forgiveness is the biggest gift you can give yourself 

I am here to Support and Guide you on your Journey, you Deserve to be Empowered, Healthy, Awaken and Blossoming!


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