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I am Enough

I'm curious... what does it mean to you?


The #LawofAttraction teaches us that we need to feel as already ours whatever we wish to #manifest in our world. You can agree with it or not. What I have taken of it is something that I would like to consider the core of our lives.

Is the "#having" of all material things enough to make us feel #whole and complete? Would you agree that unless we do not #believe that we are enough for ourselves we will always feel like something is missing and we will #search for something more and something more until that more will feel like it will never be enough?

This is what #iamenough means to me:

  • knowing that I am whole and that I am there for me whatever happens in life

  • knowing that I am my N°1 #fan, my N°1 #supporter

  • Knowing that all of my goals and #dreams are tied to me only and then shared with whoever I wish to - it is about #sharing a dream, not being dependent on someone to realise that dream

  • knowing that everything I need is within me now and always, the "outside stuff" comes later

  • knowing that everything I give is energy spread to the world, there is an #infinite amount of it so I am not going to be stingy with my giving

  • knowing that I am one with #earth and #universe, I am connected and disconnected; I am associated and dissociated; I am and I am not:

You cannot become that which you are in the absence of that which you are not (Neale Donald Walsch)

  • knowing that I accept and embrace the feeling of my #emotions whenever they show up

  • knowing that I am on the journey of #evolution and I will keep learning and growing

  • knowing that I ignite my #light every step of the way

  • knowing that I am here to #inspire, #support and share the amazing resources I have within me

By owning our #iamness we own the concept of #unconditionallove

Do you know what it means to love yourself unconditionally? Are you willing to step up to your highest self and go on the journey of evolution of #awareness?


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