The 21 Days Challenge

Updated: May 22, 2018

How to shift from Un-Resourceful to Resourceful Habits!

Is this easier said than done, or does it seem much more complicated than it actually is?

It only takes #21days to train your brain and make something a #habit!

3 Cycles of 21 days and it is going to be so normal that you won't even realised you had lived without it!

Generally, when you want to change or introduce a #newhabit it starts by being #awesome... then it becomes #boring, then it becomes a hassle and then.... unless we give up, it becomes a habit! 

Whatever we decide is entirely up to us, we can complain because we never manage to do something we want to do, or we can actually make it part of our life, welcome it, #cuddle it and change it again the day we need a #shift.

This works with anything... would you like to have a morning routine? would you like to meditate more often? would you like to practice more #gratitude? would you like to have more time for yourself? would you like to be more organised? 

Anything you want to do, can be. Sometimes you may not know how at first, but as long as you try, and you set your #intention, it can surely start developing into a new part of you.

create change = create habits = daily action = daily focus

NB: if you try to change too many things at once, you are setting yourself up to fail... you  cannot focus on too many things at the same time. One step at a time... Choose 1 #goal, make it yours, then move forward to the next one. 

You can #try... or you can decide to complain about not being able! The #choice is entirely yours! xo

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